10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Summer camps are a great way to keep kids busy, teach social skills, and gain confidence in things they love. 

If you are wondering what are the best options for summer camps or what to look for in a summer camp for kids here are some ideas to get you started on finding the best summer camps for kids this year.  

Just remember most summer camps fill up fast so be sure to start your search early. 

It is best to start looking for summer camps that interest your kids. Once you find these, then select the ones that fit your schedule best. 

Once you narrow down your list write down the date registration begins because you don’t want to miss it. 

Best Summer Camps for Kids

10 Summer camps for kids Ideas they will love

Art Camp

If you have an artist child who loves to make many art projects daily this is the camp for them. 

Art camps allow campers to explore their creativity and be exposed to different types of arts. At art camp, you can guarantee Manu hands-on projects. 

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

This also is a great option for a kid who may not know what they like doing. Art is always fun and a great way to try something new. 

Overnight Camps

Depending on the age of your child this may or may not be the best option for summer camp. 

There are many options for overnight camps through local churches or Boy Scouts of America. 

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Overnight camps allow your child to be independent and take responsibility for their belongings.

Overnight camps are a great choice if your child does not mind being away from home and likes new adventures. 

The best thing about overnight camp is that they are typically a week full of different activities your child can do everyday. Once your child experiences an overnight summer camp they will be begging to go back the following year. 

Dance Camp

Dance camp is perfect for kids who love to dance. Search for your local dance studio and see what classes they are offering this summer. 

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Dance camps are perfect for younger aged children since they typically aren’t all day. This allows your kids to go off for a couple hours have fun dancing and be picked up a little bit later.  

Dance offers many different types of dances so no matter what style of dance interests your little one I bet you can find the right summer dance camp for them.


STEM summer camps are a great way to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to campers of any age in a fun and engaging way. 

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Not only will campers learn new STEM basic skills but they will make friends who have the same interest as them. 

Getting kids involved with coding, and a creating mind set is a great way to allow kids to learn things that will be very useful in their future. 

Sports Camp

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Many local high schools, universities, and even professional teams put on summer sports camps for youth players. 

These are great choices for summer sports camps because they are usually a low cost and help give your kids more exposure to a sport or even learn a new skill. 

Drama Camp

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Drama camps are a great choice for the aspiring actor. Most drama camps have a a weekly theme. So with that being said, be sure to pick the week that your child is most excited about.

You will find many have Harry Potter, Princess, and even Dr. Suess themed weeks. 

Drama camps are filled with fun acting lessons, singing lessons, and typically a production showcase at the end of each week for the campers to showcase their new skills and talents they have learned.

Camp Fire

This camp is available in 25 states and has different program options. If you are looking into summer camps for teenagers then this is the camp  for you. 

While at Camp Fire the camp counselors help engage teens in outdoor activities and allow them to leave technology behind for the duration of camp! 

At the end of this camp you will be picking up your teenager who has made new friends, challenged themselves and has made lasting memories for themselves. 

YMCA Summer Day Camps

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Your local YMCA is a great place to attend summer day camps. They offer very safe and enriching environments for all their campers. 

Their main goal is to help their camper build self confidence, improve their social skills and take on new challenges in forms of fun activities.

Summer Reading Camps

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Summer reading camps are perfect for kids who are wanting to sharpen their reading skills and increase their love of reading. 

Start by checking with a nearby college to see if they offer any reading camps during the summer. 

Many offer high quality literacy resources through the summer and help promote literacy throughout the county. 

These are usually free or a very reasonable cost.

Digital Storytelling Camp

10 Best Summer Camps for Kids

Digital camps might be something you are searching for this year when planning out your summer camps for kids.

Do a search for local digital storytelling camps that can bring literacy, visual arts, and technology together while promoting a fun way of learning and interacting with others.

These 10 summer camp for kids ideas are a great start to your search for your child’s summertime adventure. 

No matter if it is an overnight camp or a full week of a fun day camp, your child will love having the opportunity to meet new friends and have fun trying something new!

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